Why The Size Of Your List Doesn’t Matter…

Hey Everyone! I just flew in from a seminar in Baltimore and boy are my arms tired – HAHAHAHA (sorry, lame joke!) HAHAHA
Anyways – I really did just get back from a seminar that was put on by Daegen Smith and Russell Brunson (two top guys in our industry… pictures below) – and I’ve got to say that the seminar

Devon Brown & Daegan Smith at The Invisible Funnel Seminar


Russell Brunson & Devon Brown at The Invisible Funnel Seminar


You know… the one thing that really stood out for me about this seminar is that probably 60% – 70% of the people in attendance were 6-figure+ earners (normally it’s about 20% at any given seminar).
The thing about having THAT many successful people in a room is that none of them really ask the question: “How Big Is Your List”?
And the reason they don’t ask that is because every single one of them understand WHY the size of your list doesn’t matter
Click “Play” for the full explanation on what I’m talking about…


I hope today’s blog video made sense to you! And that you understand that your real goal is to make it so that your list becomes a significant source of traffic that you can direct anywhere you want it
to go!
The goal is clicks/traffic… and not just list-size.
As always…
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Here’s the link: http://RenegadeSuccess.com/why-the-size-of-your-list-doesnt-matter
To YOUR Success,
Devon Brown :)

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From bankrupt at 23, to now doing over $Half-A-Million in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of RenegadeSuccess.com) enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started.


6 Responses to “Why The Size Of Your List Doesn’t Matter…”

  1. Bill

    Jul 16. 2013

    Hi Devon

    Any ideas on the new Gmail Slap?

    The lists are going to take a Huge Slap.

    Waiting for Your input.


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  2. Irene

    Jul 16. 2013

    Hi Devon,

    Thanks for the great tips Devon. What can I do to increase the number of people who actualy opens an email? I now have list of 1100 people and when I send a broadcast message somewhere between 1% and 2,2% opens the message. Have you any tips to get your list more ‘enganged’ ?

    Have a nice day,


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    • Devon

      Jul 16. 2013

      Hi Irene ~ Great question! The answer is multifaceted so I will do another blog post later this week :)

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  3. Karim Barakaa

    Jul 16. 2013

    Quality VS. Quantity when it comes to your lists of prospects.

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  4. Irene

    Jul 16. 2013

    Ok, great I will look for that! Have a great day.

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  5. melvin williams

    Jul 18. 2013

    WOW…that’s got me worried to Irene! With that small percentage rate, it would take a long time before money would start coming in. also will look for that DB!

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