The TRUTH About Coaching Programs

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While the video below is certainly NOT intended to be controversial… Some may not like what I have to say in it…

But, then again, some people didn’t like it when I named a product “Lap-Dance”
So I guess I really don’t care – HAHAHAHA

Click “PLAY” To Discover The TRUTH About Coaching Programs!



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From bankrupt at 23, to now doing over $Half-A-Million in sales per year, Devon Brown (creator of enjoys teaching internet home business entrepreneurs the short-cuts he wishes he knew about when he first started.


16 Responses to “The TRUTH About Coaching Programs”

  1. MisseyerNova

    Feb 24. 2012

    Thank you..,just lead me for succsess..

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  2. Dave

    Feb 24. 2012

    Hi Devon,
    Never thought about stuff like that before. What you are saying makes absolute sense and I loved the story about the chick in the gym.. Even when your videos don’t have anything for me to take from them I love watching them!
    Unfortunately some people don’t have the money to invest in 1:1 Coaching. I think the idea you purported recently is probably a good alternative? Or is it just more monkeys on typewriters? I dunno…

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    • Devon

      Feb 24. 2012


      GREAT POINT!!! I should’ve mentioned it in my video. YES, you are absolutely right that sometimes people can’t afford 1-on-1 … in that case, YES,
      do group coaching and/or do the meetup/mastermind thing I spoke about in last week’s video.

      But…if you CAN afford it, and it IS a choice…then 1-on-1 is definitely the BEST way to go!

      Devon :-)

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  3. Rick

    Feb 24. 2012

    Hi Devon,
    Rick here. Devon, is it possible to speak to you about this one on one coaching?

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  4. Mark Edward Brown

    Feb 24. 2012


    This is the curcial part about coaching that many people miss. I am glad you covered
    this material and I am going to use it in my consultations as 3rd party validation.
    And hey, I think you could give Gene Simmons from Kiss a run for his money in the
    crazy tonge department plus you are a total rock star as well!

    Best regards always,

    Mark Edward Brown

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  5. Nequan Jordan

    Feb 24. 2012

    Hey Devon,

    I agree and disagree. If you have someone teaching you one on one then you will be able to learn things much faster. That is true. But the benefits of group coaching is being part of a community.
    I happen to be in one of those group coaching things right now and it’s awesome to see people who put up their first blog post and hours later have several comments on it. Being in one of those programs gets you instant JV partners and and people that you can outsource things to for free or really cheap.

    I suppose the best way to do it is to somehow put them both together. This would make things much harder on the “Guru” but it will be worth it in the end.

    As Always, love the videos.

    Nequan Jordan

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  6. Frank Demming

    Feb 24. 2012

    Totally Agree Devon,

    I wasn’t seeing the light at the end of the tunnel until I got 1:1 coaching from you. It’s just a lot more specific which makes it easier for everyone.

    Thanks for the post.


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  7. Lew

    Feb 24. 2012


    Again, you’ve hit the nail on the head. 1 on 1 coaching is by far the best way to go, especially when you’re first starting out. You have a great way of telling your story by keeping it loose, simple and injecting a bit of comedy into it, to keep it light. I agree with Dave in that for a lot of people, when we’re starting out, 1 on 1 coaching is not always an affordable option.

    I always enjoy your videos!


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  8. Tristan Johnson

    Feb 24. 2012

    Have a good wekkend Devon, I hope you enjoy yor weekend.
    I would like go into my own business one day Devon?
    But I have one question gor u?
    Do you think you can help me get started in my own business one day?
    If so please let me know, if u can help man.
    Thanks love u man


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  9. Yo Devon,

    Common brother you “know” that the chick was “Hot” and you were looking.Don’t sweat it
    man thats what us ” Men ” do and its totally cool. Next time invite her for coffee or gatorade
    or somewhere were the conversation can continue…Ha..ha..Anyways ,1 on 1 IS 10x better
    than a Webinar ( who is this guy on facebook ) but IT WILL cost you like Dave said.Another
    idea is some VIDEO training like over-the-shoulder stuff.Excellent explanation of the “newbie”
    to “basic” to “expert” levels.

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  10. Gjyl Stenet

    Feb 24. 2012

    One on one is better but I need to make my mistakes and recover and try again make my mistakes
    and recover until there is no gap between where you are and where I should be. Mistakes are an
    important part of learning.

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  11. Gjyl Stenet

    Feb 24. 2012

    After watching the video again and again I am on your level and I understand you are right.
    Now I know what you are saying there no disagreement.

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  12. Margie Zambrana

    Feb 24. 2012

    I agree that 1-2-1 is ideal. I think what holds many people back is the trust factor and information overload.
    So many gurus to choose from and deciding which business model will work best for the individual.
    And although I could say the cost of 1-2-1 coaching is generally beyond a beginner’s reach, I do believe that if a beginner’s trust in the coach is there and he/she has a business model already in mind, that person would pull together resources to move forward.

    Just wanna say I really appreciate topics you video blog about and your humor. I even laugh at you when you’re serious.

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  13. stephen love

    Feb 24. 2012

    Hello Devon,
    There one thing that you forgot to mention that is also important in 1-1 coaching – accountability. When you are in a group and given an assignment, you can “forget” to do it. With 1-1 coaching, someone is going to ask you to “hand in” your results. For me, being in your program, it’s that part that made the difference. Thanks.

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  14. Very informative video, Devon.

    As a Professor with about 22 years of teaching experience, I’m keenly aware of the teaching/learning ratios dealing with 1-to-1 versus 1-to-many…

    You hit several important points in your post. However, depending upon how willing/able your students are, as well as your own ability to teach, you may be extremely successful in conveying “hands-on” instruction to a very large group… And as Nequan mentioned, above the existence of a “Learning Community” of cohorts has been proven to positively impact the learning and retention of knowledge of students.

    Clearly, 1-to1 is the ideal setting, but having a peer(s) learn with you one also aids in other factors, as well, such as motivation, inspiration, competition, etc. I think that some of your readers might misinterpret your post, because you didn’t say that 1 to many coaching is bad (and it isn’t)… It’s just another form of educating the masses.

    As Martial Artists, you and I both know that working with more than one student is extremely helpful, because each student brings different challenges, questions, perspectives, and answers to the Instructor, that enhance the learning process. However, when there are too many other students, and not enough Assistants helping the instructor, the students will not benefit as well, from the lesson. This is why the Instructor (or his/her Assistants) must visually/physically witness the students perform the techniques and then provide the necessary corrective action(s) to ensure that the techniques are learned/performed properly.

    Finally, your video posts always have kernels of wisdom for your readers/viewers and they are delivered with enthusiasm, humor and sincerity… That’s why I enjoy them! I think that the guy/lady who wrote that email of concern to you had NO IDEA what he/she was talking about
    and that’s why he/she didn’t understand that the exact opposite of what he/she said is what is best…

    But, that person may also think that the so-called “GURU” (who shows up to sell you a product and then vanishes, never to be heard from again, until their is a new “Product Launch”) is the GREAT and Wonderful “Oz” and that “1-to-1 meetings” are not allowed or necessary:-)

    Either way, you hit this one right on the head, little brother!

    Take care,
    Dr. Michael (The D.O.C.)
    “Keep on, Keeping on…”

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  15. bank blogging

    Feb 26. 2012


    Too bad coaching programs are not cheap. BUT It’s only for people who are SERIOUS about making a profit on the internet!

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