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Private Invitation

April 18th, 2014

WANTED: 4 - 7 People Who Want Me To MAKE MONEY ONLINE FOR YOU & Start Building Your Email List For You! And YES...This Is 100% GUARANTEED!

Hey Everyone,

WARNING: Read EVERY WORD on this page and watch the ENTIRE VIDEO before you
even THINK about saying that you want to be part of this.

This Offer Is ONLY Applicable For People In The "Internet Marketing" Niche Who Want To Build An E-Mail List Of People Who Are Interested In Buying "Make Money Online" Types Of Products!

This Offer Is Currently: OPEN!

The Doors Close in

Note: If Offer Is "CLOSED" Email customersupport@renegadesuccess.com
To See When It Will Be Opened Again

Before You Even THINK About Applying For This Program...Please Understand The Following

1. After I PERSONALLY set everything up for you, get you some people on your list, and make your first sale for you, I'm going to hand you the business & spend 1-2 hours PERSONALLY showing you how to work everything. Once all of this has been completed, the business is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!


2. This program is NOT FREE!! You Must have money to take part in this! So if you’re broke or you only have a couple hundred bucks…sorry, but this isn’t for you. (If you only have a few bucks to invest in your business then I HIGHLY recommend you use THIS SYSTEM).


3. It will take no more than 15-30 Days to build your e-mail list for you and make your first affiliate sale for you. After you get us all of the info we need, you just sit back and do nothing until we contact you stating that you've got some people on your list and that your first sale is made!


4. I am NOT looking for people who are REALLY technical or already make over $5,000 per month online. I am NOT looking for people who already have a good sized email list! I'm looking for people who are more "newbies". You know, people who see a a bunch of internet marketers (like myself), see the lists we have and the money we make from those lists, and want a piece of the action!


5. Not everyone will be allowed to participate. I can only do this with/for a few people at any given time! And sorry, but I can ONLY do this for people interested in the Make Money Online (a.k.a. Internet Marketing) niche! I would LOVE to do this for any/all niches but it's just not possible at this time. Besides, I would say that about 40% of you reading this are most interested in the "Make Money Online" Niche!


6. YES, the whole "Building Your List For You Thing" and the whole "Getting Your First Affiliate Sale For You Thing" Is 100% GUARANTEED!


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